Intention to amend Local Planning Scheme No. 3 along Stirling Highway

Recently the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has finalised Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) Amendment 1210/41 Rationalisation of Stirling Highway Reservation. The WAPC has written to landowners advising of the effect of the MRS Amendment. Broadly, the MRS Amendment as it relates to Cottesloe is summarised as follows:
  • From Parry Street to Jarrad Street, the MRS Primary Regional Road reservation for Stirling Highway has been substantially reduced and the land released from the reservation has been zoned Urban under the MRS.
  • South of Jarrad Street, where this MRS Primary Regional Road reservation was previously reduced, the intersection corner and a strip of land southward have been added back to that reservation in the MRS.
Local Governments within the MRS Amendment area are now required to amend their local planning schemes, to apply appropriate local zonings where the MRS reservation has been reduced and to show the MRS reservation where it has been increased. Accordingly, Cottesloe Council has resolved to prepare a draft amendment to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3) which:

a.     extends the adjoining local zones, local reserves and residential density codings to cover land released from the MRS Primary Regional Road reservation for Stirling Highway;

b.     includes the MRS Primary Regional Road reservation for Stirling Highway imposed on land south of Jarrad Street;  

c.      makes minor changes for technical or practical reasons as may be identified by detailed analysis; and 

d.     has due regard to the aims and objectives of LPS3 and to the Local Planning Strategy in relation to the potential for R60 residential density subject to comprehensive redevelopment and no direct vehicular access to or from the highway.

Council has also resolved to advertise Council’s intention to prepare an amendment as outlined above and seek any preliminary comment on the proposal.
Any written preliminary comment is invited to be received by the Town via email (to or letter by Friday 29 September 2017.